From time to time we will introduce one of our SmartKids in Ghana.

In  Ghana Veronica Penelope Onuman, a freelance journalist, will contact and interview the SmartKid. Veronica will write a story, which she publishes on and we will do the same on our website .

Veronica is already a friend of our foundation for a long, long time, she is also a regular visitor of our Annual Meetings in Kumasi.

Today the first SmartKid: Miata KUYICHIANA, next school year a SHS3 student at the Kumasi Acadamy in Kumasi.

 I wanted to change my life and I did… Miata’s success story

Miata Kuyichiana
Miata Kuyichiana

Have you ever wondered what the fate of teenagers on the streets of third world countries will be? Can you even imagine how hard it is for such people to survive in the face of their obvious challenges? Sometimes one wonders for how long this struggle is going to go on and whether or not they will make it at all. But let me ask you, whose responsibilities are these young ones?

Another mind boggling question is; how do people end up in such untold misery? You may blame it on parental irresponsibility, sloppiness on the part of the individual and yet for some others, it’s quite uncertain, so we say it is fate.

Truth be told, there are people who may have toiled, parents toiled, close relations toiled but still make close to an ant’s reward at the end but somehow, if one decides to not relent on his or her efforts, it eventually ends up good.

So then what role does society play in the lives of such underprivileged ones? It is on such a premise that SmartKids Foundation has taken an initiative to sponsor brilliant but needy children through school in Ghana. And this is what brings to light one girl that SmartKids Foundation fondly talks about, the outstanding Miata Kuyichiana.

After benefiting for some years from SmartKids sponsorship, the foundation was hit with a temporal financial challenge which led to narrowing sponsorship to only a few of the beneficiaries. Unfortunately, Miata wasn’t part of the selected ones. But somehow she made it!

Here’s how Miata make it through this turbulent time in her own words –

“After not being chosen for the scholarship to the SHS, I wondered how I was going to finance myself since my family could not afford the cost involved. I started to sell sachet water to help myself and my family.

Later, I decided that in order not to put my knowledge to waste, I will volunteer to teach children in lower primary at a school in my locality as they had few teachers. I became friends with some of the teachers who gave me the idea of self education and they promised to help me out with any difficulties I faced. Since I didn’t have any books, I decided to borrow some from my colleagues who were day students. Some were reluctant to loan me their books so I had to plead countless times before they gave it to me with limited time. I studied at night and helped the primary school during the day.

After the first year when my colleagues where going to the second year, one teacher advised me to join them and write an entrance exam. My family was not in support of this but I did it on my own with some financial assistance from a teacher. When the results where released, I passed and was granted admission to join my colleagues in the second year.

That was where the foundation came to my aid to help me financially. I am sure without that teacher and the foundation; I would have drop out of school. I am therefore very grateful for all the help and assistance without which my education would have come to a halt.”

Such a situation probably would have looked like the end of the road for some people but definitely not Miata. Drawing inspiration from within, she borrowed books and home schooled to prove herself accomplished.

This gesture of going the extra mile did not only touch the hearts of SmartKids coordinators but her colleagues and juniors as she narrated her ordeal at the SmartKids Foundation annual meeting.

All gathered at the June SmartKids annual meeting were particularly inspired when she shared her experiences and passion to become a politician with the hope of positively affecting the lives of Ghanaians.

Miata, now stands tall as a Senior Girl’s prefect in her school and SmartKids Foundation has taken up her tuition to help her achieve her academic laurels.

So then finally, there’s a lesson here for all to learn, when there is a will, there is definitely a way. Some situations may not make absolute sense, but it may interest you to know that, many great achievers emerged from the grass roots where there seemed to be no hope but if and only if, one will hang on and take some confident steps, it will turn out well in the end. Like the local African parlance goes, “If you climb a good tree, you will surely get a push”.

Well done Miata!