As of June 1 2011, the SmartKids Foundation hired a new national coordinator and an assistant national coordinator. They are Dawn Belton and Samuel Yakubu. Together they will manage all activities of our foundation in Ghana.  Like paying fees to partner schools, taking care of communication between the national and the international organisation, being responsible for the money flow and all expenses made and reporting to the mother organisation.

The reason for hiring Dawn and Samuel was the return of our previous coordinator, Mariama Ross, to her native country the USA. Among more than 20 applicants, she came out the favorite of both the international coordinator and the Junior Board.

Dawn Belton is from the USA as well; she moved to Ghana with husband and child (named Dawn :-)) roughly one year ago and lives in Ejisu, around 15 kms from Kumasi. Se has experience as an educator, an artist, a graphic designer and a natural healer.
A quote from her application letter:

“Moving to Ghana from America has become one of the most exciting educational experiences of my life. I take pleasure in working with the students I meet here, who always have a series of questions about my coming here and I am all too willing to share the answers while helping them to find the answers to the questions about their own lives.”

Samuel Yakubu is a teacher at the John William school in Kumasi, the previous partner school of our foundation; he was hired because he is very popular among the smart kids who know him, because he speaks several northern Ghana languages and because he was already very motivated to help our kids, even before he was hired.

From left to right: Mariama Ross, Kathryn Spangenberg-Donkor, Samuel Yakubu and Dwan Belton at the SKFG Annual Meeting 2011

From left to right: Former national coordinator Mariama Ross, regular visitor and SmartKids supporter Medical Doctor Kathryn Spangenberg-Donkor, assistant national coordinator Samuel Yakubu and new national coordinator Dawn Belton at the SmartKids Annual Meeting at Joy Standard School in Kumasi, June 4th 2011