Like each foundation in the Netherlands, the SmartKids Foundation (SKF) is finishing the school year with an Annual Report and a Financial Report.

One of our main objectives is to keep the overhead as low as possible. Well below five percent has been the result for many years. Our small foundation has always been successful in finding an accountancy firm to monitor our financial administration as a gesture towards a non-profit organisation.

In the last few years our accounts have been checked free of charge by: ¬†“De Beer Accountants & Belastingadviseurs” from Oisterwijk and Tilburg.

Of course the SmartKids Foundation is extremely grateful for this service by de  Beer Accountants and especially Drs. Olaf Huls.

However “De Beer accountants” has expressed the wish to stop that for SKF and help another non-profit organisation in the near future.

Therefore the SmartKids Foundation is looking for an accountants firm to check our financial administration on the same basis.

Who is willing to take over ?????


Please contact the treasurer Ruud Nassette at: