It was a busy task in ensuring that all smart kids get their school they were placed. The Ghanaian means of senior high school placement for J.H.S graduates is highly dependent on your raw scores and your choice of programme. After several months of stay at home, our smart kids who just completed are now enrolled in some grade A and B schools in the Kumasi metropolis, Ghana.

Jackalia Nuhu, a native of Fian in the Upper West Region, Ghana, is now a science student at Kumasi Academy. I was highly elated when I was placed in this school to pursue my favourite program.




I found it hard when I was in my village attending school. I did not have any hope for achieving my dream. Now me, Daniel Issah, I am in the pipe line towards achieving my dream. Thanks be to God and the Smart kids’ foundation.

Being in a village full of fighting and disobedience could have undermined my dream”. Kumasi Academy is a school I hoped to be, and now here I am”. I have now found the mantle. Sumeseg Osman who was calm and hopeless during our interview with him is now climbing the ladder high.



Appiah Frederick is my name. Another successful season has come my way. What a way to escape poverty. I know I would definitely be up there. The sky is my limit. Sooner than later, I would become my family’s bread winner.

Together, we will help build a better ghana. Thanks to the SmartKids Foundation


Gyameah Charlotte is my name. I felt disappointed when I was sacked by headmaster for not coming early when school was in its admission process. Nevertheless, I am now a disciple (student of Anglican secondary). I am very happy because it is my first choice school and I was given my favourite course, general arts. Thanks be to the smart kids foundation.


Sarpong Peter is my name. I am extremely delighted to be in this institution pursuing my favourite programme, General Arts. A school I dreamt to be in, but due to lack of funds I kept on thinking whether it will become a reality. Everything is obvious looking at my new uniform. Thanks be to the smart kids foundation.



My name is John Maa-Ire. I come from Wa in the Upper West region of Ghana. Though I was placed at Jaakye Pramso Secondary School, I now had another opportunity being admitted into St. Hubert Seminary/Secondary, an institution affiliated to Opoku Ware Secondary School (one of the first class schools in Ghana). I am offering business as my favourite programme. I like this school, because, it has a very conducive environment suitable for learning.


My name is Gyabaah Addison. I am also a student of St. Hubert Seminary/Secondary. I thank the smart kids for sponsoring me up to this level. I know that my dream would finally be realized.



Zinpena Lawrencia and Mohammed Yusif are in Asanteman Secondary School. Both of them are pursuing general arts. Victoria Ankra and Ranius Taduri are in Jaakye Pramso Secondary School pursuing general arts and visual arts respectively and Obour Emmanuel in Opoku Ware also pursuing science. So far all smart kids who just completed J.H.S are in school with each pursuing his or favourite programme.


Report by SmartKids Ghana, Smith Baidoo and Samuel Yakubu.