You qualify to give back to society                

by  Veronica Penelope Onuman

The founder of SmartKids Foundation sought to instill in beneficiaries a kind of virtue which was so infectious that it transcended to benefactors. What am I trying to put across? There is the need to give back to society.

Right from Europe, the late Kees Hoogendijk, founder of this NGO was led by this passion to support well deserving but underprivileged children in Ghana to develop their potentials and become key contributors to society. To a larger extent, it has paid off as the Foundation can currently boast of IT professionals, medics, young entrepreneurs, volunteers in education etc.

Most SmartKids have diligently worked to contribute to this vision that brought hope to many like themselves. A good number of SmartKids   have achieved their dreams with yet others still striving to reach the pinnacle but there is one thing we ought to remember – as this popular Latin parlance states, “Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis – Not for you, not for me, but for us”, There is a clarion call on us (members) to support this worthy course.

It is not just enough to perpetuate the vision of this well thought initiative? With a growing number of members at impressive positions, students in top educational institutions or working in various fields; it is imperative for the SmartKid to reinvest in the foundation  by contributing a  token to the organization’s fund.

It is understandable that as an amateur worker in a country like Ghana, it is not easy to make so much money but just look to the fact that today and now, you have the privilege to help others acquire quality education and lifestyle through the benefit of SmartKids, a foundation  which you are affectionately part of.  Also, it is only fulfilling to accept the fact that, you are supporting the continuity of an organization that has pulled resources to help you reach your current status.

So then, like it was hinted in the earlier lines, just a thread of financial contribution from you dear SmartKid, will go a long way to bring up one more underprivileged child in Africa.

Let’s with one heart and mind bring forth our individual blocks to build the mansion of human enrichment which was long started by this Foundation and ensure that we are a part of this wonderful contribution to mankind. Only remember that “when everyone decides to help someone, we end up helping everybody”. I do not know about you, but if you asked me, I would say it is worth it.