We help bright children in Ghana

It is our mission to support future leaders, by educating and nurturing them from a young age. We believe that with helping children who are bright but don’t have the financial means to finish their high school we can make a difference.

There are enough primary schools, and there are enough good universities but a lot of children struggle to finish their high school. Simple because they can not pay the admission fee. And also because they have to help the family in providing a living for themselves and their families.

Selection process

Every year we select for now six children to follow our six year program. The children are selected nationwide but mostly from the rural areas of Ghana. They complete an entrance examination and a questionnaire, interview, and background check to determine their talent and neediness.

Pledged support

The selected children who start the program promise, in writing to support the SmartKids Foundation and participate in the proces during their future professional life. With a pledge to pay it forward they help next kids to finish school. In that light it is good to see that most of the board members of the foundation in Ghana are former SmartKids.

Dr Rashid, present day working in a hospital
Rashid in 2004 as one of the first smart kids

They make the next step

After the children finish high school because of there proven talent most of them find sponsorship and funding or a personal sponsor via the foundation, to go to universatie or colleges of education to get there bachelor or work-training to become a docter, manager, teacher or another profession. A good example of this is Rashid, as one of the first smart kids. He ended his high school  as the number two of his year nation wide. After finding a scholarship he now is a doctor in a hospital.

“For we should strive to give back to society, if only we aspire to let the future generation surpass our efforts to make the world a better place. And until this ambition is ultimately intact, Our perseverance be of lofty impact, Through thick and thin, all day and night. We work toward our aim with all our might.”

Dr. Abdul Rashid Abdulai

“If you ask me, everything is possible. If you go for it!”