What can you do to support the SmartKids Foundation?

Support SmartKids

You can support us in by doing one of the following things:

1: Become actively involved

Do you want to help us think, look for sponsors, work on our website, promote SmartKids, assist in managerial or organisational work, collect materials for shipping or do something else for the Smart Kids of Africa?

2. Support SmartKids financially

If you want to become a participant or a sponsor you may transfer the amount to: IBAN:  NL04 INGB 0009 4742 29   Penningmeester SmartKids, Nederland, mentioning participant and/or sponsor SmartKids and add your name.

If you are abbroad and fear that your bank might also have reasons to look favourable upon your generousity; contact us and we will figure out how we can minimize transfer costs.

Any amount is welcome!

3: E-mail a SmartKid,

The SmartKids would like to e-mail with people from all over the world. We want them to as well, its educational, fun and will motivate them to learn more about the internet and the world. Click here to get in touch with a SmartKid

4: Promote SmartKids

You help us by telling as many people as possible about our work and invite them to surf to our website. If you see an oppertunity for larger scale promotion; contact us! We are eager to help you in any way neccessary.
Another way you could help is by placing a banner on your own site. Cut the code under the banner and paste it where you want to place the banner. That is all you have to do to make it work!!


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