Andre Klomp passed away!

Dear SmartKids,

Bad news again.

Andre KLOMP our former secretary at the Board in the Netherlands has suddenly died.

In 2004 Andre and Kees travelled to Ghana on a holiday trip. During this trip the SmartKids philosophy was born and Kees and Andre were number One and Two, who started their dream to fulfill all your dreams.

Of course, Kees was very important for the Foundation, but so was Andre.

Today the dramatic news reached me that Andre, on a holiday trip, was hit by heart failure during a bicycle trip with friends in Spain.
Apparently, this all happened on April 2nd, 2018. After a few days in coma in hospital he did not recover and unfortunately died on April 7th.

We do loose a good former secretary, a dear friend and both our founding fathers in six years time.

Our thoughts will be with his family and we all wish them all the strength in these difficult days.

On behalf of our Boards in the Netherlands and Ghana.
Ruud Nassette,
International Coordinator and treasurer
SmartKids Foundation


Like every organisation with a non-profit or charity goal, the SmartKids Foundation is short of voluntary hands.

If our mission does appeal to you and you feel the urge to help us, please do not hesitate to contact:

Ruud Nassette

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by mobile: +31(6)22446088

Andre Klomp steps down as secretary of the foundation

Andre Klomp, a co-founder next to Kees Hoogendijk, steps down as secretary of the SmartKids Foundation. Andre was the secretary from day One, back in 2002. So he fulfilled this function for more than 14 years.

Andre and Kees were travelling through West Africa on holiday, when the idea and philosophy of the SmartKids Foundation was born. With the help of a lot of friends the Foundation was formalized in 2004 with focus on Ghana.

The foundation will miss a very capable Member of the Board.

Consequently the Board is searching for a proper replacement for Andre. Somebody that supports the philosophy that education is the key factor in life, and realizes that education should be available to any kid in the world.

However…..  That is impossible ! , an “idée fixe” !

Therefore the SmartKids Foundation concentrates on children that cannot financially afford to go to school, but are potentially intelligent and motivated enough to complete any tertiary education. So use the limited resources available, there were the chance of success and future impact on the society is the greatest.

Are you our new Member of the Board ,Secretary or WEBMASTER

please let us know at  :

And finally, Andre good luck and thank you very much for your energy and wisdom during these 14 years.