The SmartKids Foundation


All over the world there are many children who do not have access to education from early on in their development. We would like to solve that problem, but we are not able to do that.

The problem is too large for the large International organisations, let alone for a small organisation like the SmartKids Foundation.


After decades of development aid and cooperation people agreed: do not give them fish, but fishing rods. Later on, this idea was replaced by: teach people to make fishing rods, then you do not have to come back. But to create a fishing industry that can help feed a population you need to take into consideration international restrictions, pollution, overfishing, finance, logistics, etcetera. So we believe the next step should be to teach people in the developing world how to solve their own problems.
Very intelligent youngsters are most suitable to put this idea into practice. These children have the highest potential to become the new leaders, thinkers and intellectual elite of their country and the will be able to really advance their countries, provided they are well educated.

That is why they are the target group of the SmartKids Foundation.

Motto: development aid should make itself redundant.


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