Like every organisation with a non-profit or charity goal, the SmartKids Foundation is short of voluntary hands.

If our mission does appeal to you and you feel the urge to help us, please do not hesitate to contact:

Ruud Nassette

at e-mail:  r.nassette@hccnet.nl or

by mobile: +31(6)22446088

What makes us tick?

For generations the Western World has helped and influenced Africa. Over the years this “Foreign Aid” did not change the African situation substantially.

Although this is a long-term goal, EDUCATION is, in our opinion, the key to success.

But where to start ? If hundreds of millions are in need of proper education, if the drop-out rate is extremely high and therefore the chance of success is limited. Taking responsibility, decision-making, making mistakes and “lessons learned” are the key words on this journey. The SmartKids Foundation aims at the brightest kids. At young people with academic talent and the potential to make a difference for their country. We select children like that nationwide and support their secondary and tertiary education. In return they promise, in writing, to support this foundation and participate in the process during their future professional life.

It is our mission to support future leaders, by educating and nurturing them from a young age.

“Feel like joining us on our mission ???”

Amongst many others, the following foundations preceded you!

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